GEM Awards

Positive: Interacts with others in a positive, enthusiastic and cheerful manner that promotes positive morale.
People First: Creates relationships that make recreation more personal.
Team Player: Collaborates and assists team members in any way needed.
Initiative: Exhibits initiative resulting in an improved work environment.
Performance: Demonstrates excellence in overall work performance.
Customer Service: Provides outstanding customer service.
Creativity: Engages in and supports activities that nurture and inspire innovation and creativity.


Star Award: Service, Teamwork, Attitude, and Reliability.
Rising Star Award: New Team members with a year or less of service that have shown growth through the agency.
Team Player Award: Team members who are always willing to lend a helping hand.
Customer Service Award: Team members that have been seen giving excellent service to our patrons and employees.


• Employee nomination forms will be submitted to HR.
• Nominees will receive an employee recognition certificate.
• Nominees will be submitted for the employee of the quarter award.
• Emplpoyee of the Quarter will be selected by the Executive Leadership Team.
• Employee of the Quarter winners will qualify for the Employee of the Year Award!
• Employee of the Year will be selected by the Executive Leadership Team.


• Quarter 1 Award: Nominations due by April 5
• Quarter 2 Award: Nominations due by July 5
• Quarter 3 Award: Nominations due by October 5
• Quarter 4 Award: Nominations due by January 5

If you think your coworkers deserve a GEM award, please nominate them using the form here.